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Family Impact Reports

Part One - Three Unhealthy Family Rules

Understand and recognize the three problematic expectations operating in many struggling families. This 13 page report is an interactive study in spotting unhealthy family relationships with a hopeful solution included. Part one in a series of four.

$12.00 USD  


Part Two - Seven Unhealthy Family Roles

The second part of a study designed to help you discover if there are unhealthy relationships operating in your family. Are members enjoying the freedom to be who they are or are they expected to play an unhealthy role to keep the peace. 12 pages with questions to help you examine the truth in your own family situation.

$12.00 USD




--  T e a m  B u i l d i n g  C h a l l e n g e s  --

Michael brings his fun and effective team challenges to you in your environment with the goal of provoking improved relational and problem solving skills. Several problem activities are presented to your group to solve or achieve with clear debriefing and application after. These challenges are crafted to bring any group of people closer together as a team.

These are 2-3 hour exercises designed to generate unified efforts resulting in group success.

Team Challenges - $180 US --Activities are tailored to your specific situation to break down barriers, draw out leaders, improve communication, open new thinking, push through status quo efforts, and shake loose the day to day with some purposeful fun.



--  C o n f l i c t   R e s o l u t i o n  --

Ignoring interpersonal struggles within your group impairs productive advance for all members of a family or business team. Use Michael as a redemptive resource to support improved resolution of your difficult relationship conflicts.

Contact Michael to set up a resolution meeting 



--  C r i s i s   M a n a g e m e n t  -- 

Michael is now available to teach you and your team

  • Verbal De-escalation - The art of talking someone through a Crisis situation. Increase your skills in recognizing developing crisis situations and the use verbal efforts to stabilize someone who is struggling to remain in control.
  • Safe Physical Management - Learn skills to keep someone physically Safe in a Crisis situation where they have become aggressive or violent.

These are six hour training courses designed to help you improve your ability to confidently help a person through a crisis.

  • For Parents
  • Schools
  • Business 
  • Hospitals
  • Youth Centers
  • other care facilities --

Verbal De-escalation - $495 US --Seven Hour Training Presentation includes activities, scenarios, and handbook.  

Safe Physical Management - $500 US --Seven Hour Physical Training includes Escapes, Blocks, Holds, Take-downs, and Safe Immobilization.

Crisis Management Package - $885 US 




-- P.U.R.E.  Personal Self Defense and Escape Techniques --


Gain vigorous confidence and critical skills to boldly free yourself from uncomfortable, dangerous, or life-threatening situations.

Count on a healthy workout that can also become part of your fitness and weight management routine.

Ideal for individuals, men, women, clubs, groups, families, students, and couples seeking fresh inner strength and fierce assurance.

Classes are taught using 7 Essential Principles

     1. Development of self-esteem and self respect.

     2. Assertive body language and a strong physical presence.

     3. Heightened awareness and peripheral vision.

     4. Setting and defending boundaries.

     5. Using your voice as a weapon.

     6. Avoiding and escaping situations whenever possible.

     7. Always honoring your instincts and intuition.


  • PURE Techniques - $320 US

    --Your PURE Techniques Training Tuition Includes--

    • FOUR 90 minute training sessions
    • 1:1 or groups of up to ten persons - One Price
    • Personal Training comes to your location
    • Six month refresher is available
    • Enrollment is ongoing
    • Get Started Today!



  • Take just three and one half hours and get the PURE BASICS
  • This training includes the 7Essentials as well as gut level self defense.
  • Gain Explosive Escape and Defense Tactics – Strikes, Blocks, and Attacks.

PURE POWER 3.5 – $45 US  per Student, limit ten per class



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