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Michael Carstens has over thirty years of experience working with families, youth, and couples who want something deeper in their relationships. 

He has mentored people in a variety of situations and is committed to walking alongside anyone who is willing to do the work it takes to thrive in their relationships. Michael addresses all spheres of life with his clients - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Michael lives in Denver Colorado with his bride and true companion of thirty-three years and has two daughters and a son.

Be Honest With Yourself

Maybe you have been wondering for a while why things between you are not like you thought they would be. Everything started off great together, but things are different now. Why is it like that?

It starts with a hard look inside you. We can talk about them later, but now is the time to plant some new seed for the new harvest of life to come. Stop being afraid, your life is at stake.

"If you keep doing what you have always done, you'll keep getting what you always have."

I don't know who said this but the truth is real. Often we need some help finding the new thing, the fresh perspective, the obvious answer. Often we need someone to give us the nudge, the push, the kick in the heart to get things moving in a better direction. We always need someone to give us the pat on the back when we're doing it right.

Without honesty, there can be no real relationship.

Being more honest within is the beginning of more honesty with others. Less faking and mask wearing begins to make you a more loving and lovable person. When you stop hiding the real you and pretending you are someone else and you begin to live who you really are, you will discover new depth and new freedom in your relationships. Imagine that.

Truth can be an elusive thing because fear can make such a demand on you to be someone other than the real you. You believe you must act stronger, smarter, nicer, prettier, handsomer, sexier, purer, funnier, quieter, wealthier, cooler, or more popular and together than you really are. Looking to all kinds of idols for your self image, your heart becomes lost in all the pretending and you can even forget what's real about you. What's worse, others never get to know the real you and you will never know them. It's no wonder so many people struggle with loneliness, many have moved themselves to a far away land and relate to others only from a safe distance.

When this sort of thing happens in a marriage or in a family it can be painfully withering to all those involved. So it is important to look honestly at how you are living among those who matter most. If you were to ask those closest to you, "What's it like to live with me?" What would be the response?

Are you ready to come clean and get real and begin to live life from an honest place? Are you ready to stop pretending and let the real you be exposed for all to see and love? Are you ready to love those in your life who matter most with your whole heart and begin to offer real deep life to them? This is a risky move but it is one of courage and strength. It is a move that can bring nothing but positive results in the long run.

Don't be afraid of your real design, it is much better than you might think.