Freedom to thrive as a man

If you look around at all the masculine images available in our culture, you will see a wide variety of possible options that may or may not express true manhood. And how is it that a boy finds his way to manhood with so many options available and so few real men to lead him on? Where is the right of passage that initiates a boy, how does he know when or if he has become a man? Some boys grow up and become men in their early twenties and some men in their fifties have yet to reach their manhood.

It's not about age or the years that pass

but how you view your world and move into it.

Do you move like a man bringing order out of chaos, or do you move like a boy leaving behind a trail of mess everywhere you go? Do you express love and bring life to those around you or do you hide who you are and leave people lonely? Do you take risks wisely with strength and courage or do you play it safe and never discover greatness? Do you find real life in deep spirituality or do you live in shallow religion?

Honor, courage, and commitment are not as easy to find in the places that matter. Families, churches, schools, business, and government are aching for men of honor to be available to lead and manage in a way that role models all that is right and good.

Finding our lost manhood is no easy task. I believe there are some elements that are visible in the life of true men. I call these Attributes of Honor:

  • Dangerous Faith
  • Handle on Humility
  • Passionate Purpose
  • Supernatural Access
  • Mindset of Martyrdom
  • Unmistakable Integrity
  • Unshakable Knowledge
  • Profoundly Devoted Relationships

To find out more about these attributes, keep watching this space or go ahead and give me a call and we can talk about what you feel might be missing in your own life. Do you feel like a man? Are you treated like one by the people around you? If not, let's get together and figure out what's next.

It's worth the fight, someone is waiting for you to step up NOW.




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Warrior Poets

This is the begining of an area devoted to the different elements of life that are important to men.

Men engaging in the battle and the dance of life. Some areas of life require that we fight for what matters, some areas require that we be creative in our dealings. But all areas require something of us.

  • Some of us have what it takes and we know it and act on it, bringing life to those around us
  • Others of us have what it takes but we don't know it or don't believe it and so we only act in a few minor areas, leaving those around us wanting
  • Others of us don't yet have what it takes and we shy away from most of the things in life that matter, leaving those around us wondering, missing us
  • Still others of us act out of what we know and are actually harmful to those around us, afraid to break out and become a new man, a Warrior Poet

Watch for these and other helpful subjects that can help us engage in life and be more of who we are designed to be:

  • Men and Living Life
    • Men and Their Friends
    • Men and Their God
    • Men and Their Work
    • Men and Attributes of Honor
  • Men and Their Relationships
    • Wife
    • Sons
    • Daughters
    • Parents