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Fathers and Daughters

You may have heard that the value of a father's relationship with his daughter is immeasurable.

...that she sees more clearly into many critical areas of life through this relationship.

...that she will find innumerable treasures of love within her fathers care.

...that a daughter will be secure in his strong presence.

Well, all these things and more are true. Dad, you have an awesome responsibility and an awesome privilege to offer your powerful life of love to the ladies around you. As you love your wife well, your relationship with her will spill over into your daughter's heart, keeping her inspired and secure in your home. She needs you now and forever - more now, and less forever - but she will always need you.

A while back on Father's Day, my Ladies gifted me with a wonderful book, please enjoy some of it ~

A Daughter Needs A Dad

to give her refuge in a home secured with faith

to teach her the importance of being a lady

to teach her that her value as a person is more than the way she looks

to protect her from scary nighttime creatures

to answer the questions that keep her awake at night

to make the complex simple and the painful bearable

to protect her from thunder and lightning

to teach her what it means to always be there

to protect her when she is not wise enough to protect herself

to help her take risks that will build her confidence

to teach her to recognize truth and reward it

to teach her to recognize sincerity and encourage it

to teach her about fairness

to teach her to stand up for herself

to teach her that men and women can be good friends

to teach her that a joyful heart is filled with peace rather than deceit

to show her that true love is unconditional

to teach her that forgiving is a natural thing to do

to teach her that she can forgive more than once

to teach her the difference between being firm and being stubborn

to teach her that respect is to be earned, as he has earned hers

to teach her that family is more important than work


to prepare her to persevere through hardship

to calm her when she is stressed by her challenges

to give her a strong, willful character

to teach her how things work

to fix her favorite things

to show her how to fix things for herself

to teach her the joy of serving others

who teaches her she is important by stopping what he is doing to watch her

to tell her all she needs to know about boys

to show her that all boys are not like the one who hurt her

to teach her how to recognize a gentleman

to stand with her on the day she marries the man she hopes will be just like her father

to teach her that her role in a family is greater than the work she does

to teach her to spend responsibly, save for a rainy day, and give with a generous heart

so she learns that men can be trustworthy

because without him she will have less in her life than she deserves


From Why A Daughter Needs A Dad: 100 Reasons, by Gregory Lang, 2002