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This world was created to be a symphony of relationships, of truth, of love, in which one sound, one string, one instrument cares about the next.

Just as there is no sound in space, without truth there can be no relationship.


Begin Today

What if you began this day to do something different and something good with at least one important relationship in your life? It doesn't have to be a big production, it can be something simple, but it must be something new. It must be a new investment to bring new life in the relationship.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Make it a weekly thing to call your aging parent just to see how they are.
  • Invite your sibling to lunch, and you pay.
  • Send fresh flowers to someone you care about, surprise them more often. 
  • Begin writing mushy love notes to your spouse, hide them in spots that only they will find them. 
  • Each night at bed time, take your daughter's hand and count on her five fingers the things that you love most about her.
  • When you happen to think of that important person during the day, do something for them, let them know you are thinking of them.
  • Call your spouse's voice-mail and leave part of a song that's special to you both. 
  • Do a chore for your sibling.
  • Send Emails with lyrics to a special song that makes you think of her/him.
  • Always invite your children to go on errands or work on projects with you - even if it will take longer to accomplish the task with them there. 

 --Now it is possible that you could restart doing something good that you used to do in a relationship, something that is now missed and truly valuable. Maybe when your son was three you used to read to him at bed time - now he's five and, for what ever reason, there's no more bedtime book - why not go back to that starting tonight?

Be creative.

Take some time to think about that important person, knowing what you know about them, create something special that you can do to express your love to them, your care for them. What do they care about, what do they like, what reminds you of them. You have enough ideas available in your heart once you let your mind wander with them. Make no more excuses.

Begin Now Generating Something That Thrives.